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May 23, 2012 at 09:06 PM


    The Subquark Model is introducing us into world of elementary particles, but in the completely different presentation than today's models are describing it.
    I concentrated in it on accurate correlating invariant mass of elementary particles with their internal structure and with their disintegrations. I resigned from two and triple of quark Standard Model to the model of multiparticle - model of subquarks which more resembles to atomic world building molecular, crystalline and fullerene structures. It turned out that such a presentation of the structure of elementary particles allowed to explain their creations, disintegrations and to appoint their mass applying known equations from physics from the basic course and using simple mathematical methods. Also many not clarified so far problems as: the asymmetry of disintegrations, breaking the CP symmetry, lifetimes, etc. it is possible in the simple way to explain in this model.
    In the Subquark Model new particles appear previously not known from the Standard Model. They are: subquarks, biquarks, particles "g", gravitons and "virtual" quanta - all at the same time performing role of gluons and carriers of the energy. The Subquark Model is referring to the Standard Model, explaining the internal structure of quarks and of all carriers of interactions finishing off on the hypothetical Higgs boson.

   The latest version of the Subquark Model in the collective study in the PDF file format is accessible below.
Image The Subquark Model of the structure of elementary particles

Calculations of mass of particles it is possible to make with „Mass Calculator": Image http://all-subquarks.eu/ALfiles/CalcMass.html.

Leszek Ampel


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